Social Media Tip of the Day – Your Purpose

July 16, 2009

Does your social networking experience feel as if you’re on a treadmill?

It could be that you’re operating without a goal and purpose in mind. Take Twitter for example – what is your strategy? What are you trying to accomplish on Twitter.

Some people are there strictly for entertainment and conversation. They would be repulsed if you tried to engage them in a business conversation. They strictly want to have fun and operate Twitter as more of an IM service.

If you’re looking to build your brand and gain clients from your Twitter activity, this is not someone you would want to follow and engage in conversation with very much. This is not to say that you can’t have fun on Twitter if you’re there for business purposes.

I’ve found that Twitter works best when you use it as if you were at a networking function. This means you have a diverse conversation, not just business only; because your prospects won’t get to know you as a person.

Thanks for listening in.

Jim Turner


A Cool Way to Post Tweets To Your Facebook Status

April 12, 2009

I’ve often wanted to post some of my tweets onto my Facebook Fan Page and Profile Walls, but just wasn’t comfortable with all of those conversations showing up on my Walls. A lot of my activities on Twitter are conversations. If most of what I did was post links, I would have been a little more comfortable with the idea.

The other thing to consider is that each time your tweets land in your Status line it travels throughout your Friends’ News Feeds. Imagine what that looks like to them… broken conversations. So, I’ve stayed away from posting my tweets to my Facebook status line.

However, today I came across a solution to my concern… it’s a Facebook app developed by Andy Young. His app is appropriately called the “Selective Twitter.” It allows you to send select tweets to your Facebook Wall by placing “#fb” at the END of your tweet. How neat is that? You can find the app here!

Credits should also go to Nancy Perez. I found this app referenced in a comment by Ian Chapman to her post about Facebook’s new and improved Fan/Brand Pages.

CAUTION: If you’re currently using the regular Facebook Twitter app or some other app to update your Status, remember to remove or disable it so you’re not making double posts of your tweets.

Try out  “Selective Twitter” and let me know what you think.

WARNING: Facebook Has Gone Cuckoo!

August 21, 2008

About a month ago I hit the 5,000 friends plateau on Facebook, which means I can’t add or accept anymore requests for friends. Occasionally someone will drop out of my network for whatever reason.

When that occurs I accept some of the requests setting in my inbox… which could be 8 – 10 per day. But, mind you, I have over 70 waiting in the que. So over the last couple of hours I got this ‘brilliant’ idea…

“Why not click on the ‘send message’ link next to the person’s name and invite them to join my FB Fan Page to connect with me, since I’m maxed out with Friends?”

I was offering them the opportunity to network with me at my Facebook Fan Page at

Made a lot of sense to me!

After I sent out about six of these ‘brilliant’ invitations I got the WARNING from FB that if I continued to send those message I would risk having my account shut down for spamming.

Needless to say, I was shocked! People are requesting to connect with me. Facebook is saying I can’t have anymore friends. I offer them an alternative. Facebook says, “I dare you to keep sending those ‘brilliant’ messages!”

Can someone help me out here? What’s wrong with this picture. I know I’ve been a little stressed out recently and maybe my gray matter is a little foggy and I can’t think straight.

What are your thoughts on FB’s response? Thoughts please. 🙂


A Couple of Facebook Myths

June 26, 2008

Occasionally some of my good LinkedIn friends will speak about how Facebook is too informal for them, PLUS it’s full of pimply-faced teeny boppers.

Many of them say they will never set up a Facebook account because it’s just not “professional” enough for their taste.

Of course, I make it a point to help them understand that a lot of what they’re thinking are nothing more than myths and non-factual beliefs they have regarding Facebook.

I’m not much of a off-the-cuff debater. I like to dig up the facts and use them for persuasive purposes. So, I went on a fact-finding mission for info that could help support my argument. It turns out I really didn’t have to go very far to find my answers.

It turns out that when you have a Facebook Fan Page, you’re provided with a few demographic insight regarding your Fan Page membership. With this info in mind, I went to check stats at my Social Media Marketing Network Fan Page.

Here’s what I found;

Total Members – 1,520

Gender: Males – 60% (912); Female – 40% (608)

Age Range




13 – 17




18 – 24

2% (30)

4% (61)

6% (91)

25 – 34

9% (137)

14% (213)

23% (350)

35 – 44

14% (213)

20% (304)

34% (517)


16% (243)

22% (334)

37% (577)


Well, well, well… the proofs in the pudding, as they say. I’m not sure what the overall demographics of Facebook looks like. But I can affirmatively say that the members on my Fan Page don’t fit some of the common myths around Facebook.

Here’s my most surprising discovery: The largest segment of my Fan Page membership is age 45+ at 37%. And the next biggest group, age 35 – 44, comprises 34% of my group.

Supposedly, a huge portion of Facebook members is in the 18 – 24 age bracket. I wonder why I don’t have only 91 from that group. Maybe they’re like my 19yo daughter and just don’t want to be connected to the “older crowd.” LOL  But that’s OK. J

Now, the other surprising discovery is that there are far more men (912) in the group than there are women (608). I thought women were more ‘social-natured’ than us men. Where are the women???

What’s the deal – is it my cologne or what? Most likely not. It could be because there simply are more men doing business online than women.

What are your thoughts on why the data is what it is regarding my Social Media Marketing Network Fan Page  – (1) teeny boppers are vast minority and (2) males significantly outnumber females.



Why Should I Join Your Group Anyway? Part #2

May 19, 2008

In my last post I was somewhat critical of well-meaning folks loading up my inbox with numerous group requests  – especially ones that aren’t of interest to me. It turns out, a lot of my friends are seeing the same thing and they don’t like it either. They’re being bombarded also.

So, today I’m going to get off my soap box and talk about why I would join your group or participate in a Joint Venture with you. It’s really not that difficult to understand – in fact it’s very simple.

First off, your group or JV opportunity has to be focused on something that I’m interested in. If you can’t get past that hurdle, forget it!

Now, some assume that I’m interested in Get Rich Quick business opportunities. Nope! Been there, done that! If you tell me I can get rich doing nothing, I’m not going to say nice things about you. 😉

And maybe even worse, I’m going to ignore you or delete your message at the speed of light. If your group comes across as one that offers me information that I can use, then you have a much better chance of getting  my attention.

Just recently someone was aggressively approaching me and my posting on my Network Wall saying they wanted my members and me to join their group because they needed to get 5,000 members in 30 days. I was given many reasons why they needed to reach that milestone, but none of them presented any benefit to me.

On the other hand if their group was focused on teaching me how I can grow my Friends by 5,000 in 30 days, I would have been very interested. In this case both of us would have benefitted. Anyone that can show people how to get 5,000 Friends in 30 days will have members knocking at their door.

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve talked a lot about what’s of interest to me in this post. I did that intentionally because that’s the way everyone else feels who reads your message. We’re all selfish and want to know, What’s In It For Me (WIIFM).

People in general are very self-centered. So when you put together your pitches or group invitations you need to make sure you let the reader know what’s in it for them… and it has to be believable.

Once you get me in your group – the real work starts. You see, now you’ve got to keep me there. The best way to do that is keep feeding me information that I can use and benefit from… not more and more pitches.

I would like to hear from you no more than a couple of times per week. Anything above that and you run the risk of annoying your members. Annoyed members hit the remove link real fast.

In closing, it’s important that you know that I’m not against offering a product or service to me or your group members. I realize most of us are in business – that means that at some point a financial transaction must take place, or we won’t be around very long.

But be willing to provide training and educational resources pertaining to how to be successful with what you’re promoting.

Now that I’ve told you how to run a group, I’d like to show you how in a practical sense. If you’re not already part of my Social Media Marketing Network on Facebook, you can join me now and watch what I do. I don’t have it ALL right, but I do a few things worth watching.

My Social Media Marketing Network Page is loaded with resources that can help you master the art of successfully growing your business using social media strategies and techniques.

Hope you enjoyed this 2-part post and found it both practical and useful.

Cheers and Happy Networking

Jim Turner

Why Should I Join Your Group Anyway? Part #1

May 16, 2008

OK my friend – buckle your seat belts and observe the NO SMOKING signs. Today I’m climbing on my soapbox. BUT, I promise you, in the end you will appreciate what I’m saying and you’re even going to agree with me – I hope! 😉

You see, lately I’ve been getting a rash of emails that are really annoying, to put it mildly.

On a daily basis, I get boatloads of honest, well-meaning people showing up in my inbox, posting on my group and profile Walls – trying to get me join their group or become a friend or be part of their business opportunity and get amazingly RICH.

In principle, there’s nothing wrong with asking others to join you in your program or to develop partnerships or Joint Ventures. That’s at the core of building a business.

It’s no different than someone desiring to get married – at some point you’re going to have to pop the magic question – WILL YOU MARRY ME? But you wouldn’t show up at your sweethearts’ doorstep on the first date and drop such a question?

Would you? Not if you’re hoping to someday live in wedded bliss.

But that’s exactly what you’re doing when the first message I get from you is all about you and what you want and need from me, without ever seeking to develop rapport with me.

There’s no doubt that in order for you to be able to establish any kind of dialog with your Facebook Friends,  you’ve got get them into a group or a mailing list external to FB. That way, you can stay in contact with them, share ideas and even conduct business with each other.

But when you’re approaching me (or others), be a little more professional and leave the gimmicks and stunts for the circus. Just the other day, an individual tried to lure me into his group with the most mind boggling stunt I’ve seen so far. This well-meaning person made a bold promise that if his group reaches a 1,000 members he would have a gender change operation.

Come on – get real… and his group was listed in the business category? That does nothing for me – that’s all about him. Most people aren’t motivated by only helping you out. They have to see something in it for them as well.

In the next post I’ll talk more about giving value to people so they’ll come knocking at your door, rather than you having to chase after them.

Before I go, please don’t get me wrong. I’m not intending to be mean-spirited or to put others down.  If I’ve offended you or your best friend, don’t hold it against me. A lot of what I’m seeing is really funny. But at the same time, I know the folks using these techniques are serious and aren’t getting the results they’re seeking.

If you’ve had a wild and crazy offer to join someone’s group, please post it below. At this point I need a real big laugh.  😉


Jim Turner

A Virtual Friendship Becomes Real

April 27, 2008

It’s amazing how the relationships we build through social networking become so “real.” Although we don’t personally know, nor have we physically met many of the people we ‘friend’ through social networking, somehow those relationship seem very real to us.

I was listening to an NPR podcast recently and there was a relationship specialist on the broadcast discussing this very topic. She was saying that many people develop strong relationships with folks they meet online and these relationships can be as real and as deep as those developed offline.

Yesterday was a very interesting day for me. I’m a big track and field fanatic and I was driving to Philadelphia to watch the Penn Relays – an annual trip for me. While driving along my merry way, my cell rings and the caller ID indicated it was a call coming from out of the U.S.

To my surprise it was from my ‘little sister,’ Marjorie Janczak (Marj) from Germany. Well, actually, Marj is not my real little sister [LOL], but that’s the kind of relationship we’ve developed. Marj is originally from Ghana but now lives in Germany.

I don’t remember exactly how we first met. But I do remember her coming back to post on my Facebook Wall several times after we became friends and that caught my attention. Most folks don’t seek to engage you in that way. So, I initiated an email conversation with her and we connected almost immediately.

Marj has a very unique niche on Facebook. Her thing is online social etiquette. She’s writing an ebook on how to “behave” online, so you can meet more people and hopefully, make more money. She’s even formed a group around the topic called: Oh, Behave!

Anyway, I’ve been offering Marj marketing advice and just helping her in general with stuff related to social media marketing. But I’ve never felt the inclination to charge her for my services. So, this led to her starting to call me her ‘big brother.’

Yesterday, after about three weeks of emailing ideas back and forth, she reaches me on my cell and we talk for about an hour. And it really was like ‘little sister’ and ‘big brother’ meeting for the first time. On one hand it was a little bizarre, but on the other hand it was a pleasing experience.

Of course, we had to end the call at some point and sadly we did. But we were glad we got to hear each other’s voice. She invited my family to come to Germany and visit with her family.

Now, there’s an underlying message within my story that might have slipped past you if you got caught up in the brother/sister part… and it’s this: You never know who that “stranger” is you’re asking to be your friend. It could be the person that is has been “appointed” to help you obtain your big break.

One lesson I learned from my Dad, is that there are no strangers. His philosophy was you should never pass up the opportunity to befriend others, simply because you never know what important role they’re going to play in your little production.

They could become a Star or they may be part of your supporting cast. Then there’s also the possibility they shouldn’t be part of your cast. But you never know – so why not cast your net beyond the people you already know? [That’s another blog for another day – stay tuned!]

Since I decided to apply that philosophy in my social networking, I’ve come to know some incredible people. Many opportunities have “fallen” into my lap so to speak… some of which I will be sharing with you later. Going forward you might want to consider introducing yourself to more people that you come across during your social networking activities.

Ok – so that was one of my virtual relationships that became real. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about another that happened during the same drive to Philly – maybe I should take more rides to Philly.

Best to you!

Jim Turner

P.S. Go by and check out my Little Sister’s Oh, Behave! Group. Tell her Big Brother sent you. [LOL]