Social Media Tip of the Day – Your Purpose

July 16, 2009

Does your social networking experience feel as if you’re on a treadmill?

It could be that you’re operating without a goal and purpose in mind. Take Twitter for example – what is your strategy? What are you trying to accomplish on Twitter.

Some people are there strictly for entertainment and conversation. They would be repulsed if you tried to engage them in a business conversation. They strictly want to have fun and operate Twitter as more of an IM service.

If you’re looking to build your brand and gain clients from your Twitter activity, this is not someone you would want to follow and engage in conversation with very much. This is not to say that you can’t have fun on Twitter if you’re there for business purposes.

I’ve found that Twitter works best when you use it as if you were at a networking function. This means you have a diverse conversation, not just business only; because your prospects won’t get to know you as a person.

Thanks for listening in.

Jim Turner


Using Social Networking for a Worthy Cause

July 30, 2008

One of the key success factors in Social Networking is that you build personal relationships with the folks you meet along the way. Granted, you won’t get to know everyone to the same degree.

But, there are some whom you are destined to develop a deeper relationship. It’s not always known why things work out that way. Which brings me to what I want to share with you right now.

A dear friend and fellow social networker, Monikah Ogando, is faced with what I call a “real life” situation. Her 11 year old daughter, Sarah, has been stricken with a lymphatic disease and a enlarged spleen.

In order for the doctors to properly treat little Sarah’s disease they need to run a battery of diagnostic tests to get to the root cause. Being a home based business owner and solo-entrepreneur, Monikah’s medical insurance is not quite up to the task because she’s reached the limits of her coverage.

In order for the doctor’s to perform the next series of diagnostic checks, Monikah needs to walk into their offices with CASH to cover the bill – or they’re not going to do the tests.

Can you imagine that?

Interestingly enough, I planted the seed for Monikah to share her situation with me during a Twitter conversation we were having this past Sunday evening – I asked her, “what was the biggest thing she had on her plate right now?” And she responded by asking me if we could take the discussion offline and SKYPE each other.

During our 1-hour chat session she shared with me what was going on with her daughter’s health. I proceeded to ask her how was she going to deal with her challenge, since she’s the one that close family members tend to lean on during hard-times… and now she’s the one that needs a helping hand.

That’s when she started to tell me about the “fire sale” she was planning to launch. Monikah is a highly successful business coach and info product marketer, with eight years of experience. Along with a lot of info products, she also has a group coaching/private membership site that she runs.

The “fire sale” Monikah is offering gives you access to all of her business building resources that she’s developed over the last eight years, at a price that is approximately 70% off the normal selling price.

Her system is called, “Jumpstart Your Business in 30 Days.” Here’s the link to her site.

Before we go any further I feel a strong need to inform you that I get nothing out of this promotion, other than the satisfaction of helping out a dear friend who has a serious need and a little girl that has a very bright future.

Monikah, out of the kindness of her heart, asked me if I wanted an affiliate link to compensate me for referring her services to my social networking friends. I flat out declined her offer!

There was no way I could look at myself in the mirror, if on one hand I’m trying to help her and with the other hand I’m taking from her. Those are conflicting morals and personal values.

So, I’m asking you, trusted friends and colleagues, to take a look at what Monikah has to offer and if you find value and relevance to what you do, make a purchase.

I’m confident that Monikah will use the funds to help secure the well-being of little Sarah.

A few of Monikah’s social networking friends have stepped forward to help promote Monikah’s “fire sale,” many of which you might know. They include Nancy Perez, Alejandro Reyes (AKA-Successfool), and Ron Hudson . Others are coming onboard daily.

I thought it was appropriate to show you a picture of Monikah and Sarah together. It’s always good to be able to look into the eyes of a person. See the photo and video are posted below. The video will show you that Sarah is one smart cookie and undoubtedly has a very bright future in store for her.

Take a look…

I would like to thank you in advance for allowing me to share this human interest story with you and I’m looking forward to coming back to you later with a follow-up on how Sarah is progressing.

My Sincere Regards,

Jim Turner

A Virtual Friendship Becomes Real

April 27, 2008

It’s amazing how the relationships we build through social networking become so “real.” Although we don’t personally know, nor have we physically met many of the people we ‘friend’ through social networking, somehow those relationship seem very real to us.

I was listening to an NPR podcast recently and there was a relationship specialist on the broadcast discussing this very topic. She was saying that many people develop strong relationships with folks they meet online and these relationships can be as real and as deep as those developed offline.

Yesterday was a very interesting day for me. I’m a big track and field fanatic and I was driving to Philadelphia to watch the Penn Relays – an annual trip for me. While driving along my merry way, my cell rings and the caller ID indicated it was a call coming from out of the U.S.

To my surprise it was from my ‘little sister,’ Marjorie Janczak (Marj) from Germany. Well, actually, Marj is not my real little sister [LOL], but that’s the kind of relationship we’ve developed. Marj is originally from Ghana but now lives in Germany.

I don’t remember exactly how we first met. But I do remember her coming back to post on my Facebook Wall several times after we became friends and that caught my attention. Most folks don’t seek to engage you in that way. So, I initiated an email conversation with her and we connected almost immediately.

Marj has a very unique niche on Facebook. Her thing is online social etiquette. She’s writing an ebook on how to “behave” online, so you can meet more people and hopefully, make more money. She’s even formed a group around the topic called: Oh, Behave!

Anyway, I’ve been offering Marj marketing advice and just helping her in general with stuff related to social media marketing. But I’ve never felt the inclination to charge her for my services. So, this led to her starting to call me her ‘big brother.’

Yesterday, after about three weeks of emailing ideas back and forth, she reaches me on my cell and we talk for about an hour. And it really was like ‘little sister’ and ‘big brother’ meeting for the first time. On one hand it was a little bizarre, but on the other hand it was a pleasing experience.

Of course, we had to end the call at some point and sadly we did. But we were glad we got to hear each other’s voice. She invited my family to come to Germany and visit with her family.

Now, there’s an underlying message within my story that might have slipped past you if you got caught up in the brother/sister part… and it’s this: You never know who that “stranger” is you’re asking to be your friend. It could be the person that is has been “appointed” to help you obtain your big break.

One lesson I learned from my Dad, is that there are no strangers. His philosophy was you should never pass up the opportunity to befriend others, simply because you never know what important role they’re going to play in your little production.

They could become a Star or they may be part of your supporting cast. Then there’s also the possibility they shouldn’t be part of your cast. But you never know – so why not cast your net beyond the people you already know? [That’s another blog for another day – stay tuned!]

Since I decided to apply that philosophy in my social networking, I’ve come to know some incredible people. Many opportunities have “fallen” into my lap so to speak… some of which I will be sharing with you later. Going forward you might want to consider introducing yourself to more people that you come across during your social networking activities.

Ok – so that was one of my virtual relationships that became real. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about another that happened during the same drive to Philly – maybe I should take more rides to Philly.

Best to you!

Jim Turner

P.S. Go by and check out my Little Sister’s Oh, Behave! Group. Tell her Big Brother sent you. [LOL]

Micro-blogging on Steroids

April 20, 2008

A week ago I blogged about how important it was to promote your business or cause through Facebook or LinkedIn  Status line. It’s a powerful, but non-intrusive way to get your message out.

The problem has been, if you have multiple social media sites, as most of us do, it’s a chore to update them on a daily basis. So, if there was a tool through which you could update all of your different sites in one fell swoop, that would be heavenly.

Well, wait no longer, Ping.FM is on the scene to do just that. As I’m writing this post it’s still in the beta stage, but if you plead your case strongly enough they just might let you try the service. [UPDATE: try this code for today, 4/20… “pingfriends”]

Right now you can update your Status on the follow social networking sites through Ping.FM:

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku, Bebo, LiveJournal and Hi5. They’re continually adding sites, so look for that list to continue growing.

Imagine the power this will give you to propagate your message throughout your social networking world. You will be able to update your networks from anywhere using AIM, GTalk, iGoogle, WAP, iPhone, SMS and emai.

To learn more about this service rush on over to

Until next time.

Jim Turner

Conversation Marketing and the New Influentials

April 18, 2008

Are you using outdated marketing methods?

As the world around us changes and technology has its affect on just about everything we touch, media and those that want to reach those who consume it are finding greater challenges than ever before.

It is no longer a world of mass media but rather it is a world of communities of customers and consumers. In an attempt to keep up with the changing world that the Internet has brought, the media world has embraced such things as websites to reach their customers, but it isn’t enough. Consumers have gravitated to social media and that is where Influence is finding a significant home.

Influencers or Influentials are a group of very active consumers involved in “conversation marketing” where word-of-mouth is becoming a significant power in spreading dialog with customers, listeners and viewers. It means creating a conversation with your consumers in which useful information is exchanged so that both parties benefit from the relationship.

For a more in-depth discussion keep reading…

Jim Turner

Multiply Your Marketing Efforts 10 Times… Using Social Media Sites!

April 12, 2008

Just a few days ago I started a group on Facebook and some surprising things happened – they actually shouldn’t have been a surprise. But during the process of creating this group it became clear to me just how viral Facebook is… viral in the sense of being self-perpetuating.

Here’s what happened – I started creating the group with the idea of first developing a ‘beta’ version of the group, meaning that I would build the group on the run over a period of a few days. I went through the process of setting the group up and in some cases I actually put dummy info in some places.

Once I had completed the ‘beta’ version, I sent invitations to about 4 or 5 real close friends just to confirm that things were working properly, before finishing up the final details of the page.

To my surprise in a matter of 24 hours, over 20 members had joined the group. I was puzzled. How could that be? I only sent invitations to 5 friends. When I looked at the list of new members I saw some that weren’t even in my Facebook network… they were friends of my friends.

That’s when the light went ON.

When my first group of friends joined the group, their activity showed up in their Mini-Feed and their News Feed as well. The News Feed shows up on the friends’ home page. When their friends saw that they had joined my Social Media Marketing group, they decided they would join also.

By the time I had completed the final version of the group and began to promote it, there were 50 members in the group. That means my group had increased 10 times its original size in about 72 hours. Amazing.

That’s the power of viral marketing! That’s the power of marketing through social media website like Facebook.

The learning is that you need to take action on Facebook and other similar sites, so you can multiply the impact of your marketing efforts – in this case by a factor of 10. In case you’re interested in being a part of this fast growing group, you can look it over here:

See you soon!

Jim Turner