Who Should Decide Your Social Media Strategy

Over the last two weeks there has been a lot of chatter going on around the social media circles concerning whether you should follow everyone who follows you on twitter; or should you just follow a few close friends.

One can argue both ways on this topic. There is a case for following everyone who follows you and likewise, you can only follow a close circle of friends or related people.

In the final analysis the choice is up to you and no one else. It all depends on why you’re using the various social media platforms – in this case it happens to be Twitter.

If Twitter could only be used for one single purpose, then you could argue that there is only one single strategy for using it. But that is far from the truth. There are almost as many uses for Twitter as there are people using it. We all use it a little different than the next person.

If you’re using it for a specific narrow purpose, such as staying with your group of 12 coaching clients, then surely, you don’t want to connect with anyone other than that group of people. In this case, I recommend you set up a separate Twitter account to be used with this group.

But if you’re tweeting with the hopes of attracting and finding new clients, I don’t suggest you be so narrow in your approach. However, you should follow those who appear to be in your target market based upon the content of their profile and what they Tweet about.

With that being said you can still follow everyone who follows you because you’re not sure who those folks are connected to that could become a client. I’ve had that happen to me.

So take a good look at why you’re on Twitter and any other social media site and determine what your follow strategy should be… because it IS your decision.

What is your follow strategy? Please share your comments below.


One Response to Who Should Decide Your Social Media Strategy

  1. Jim:

    I follow who follows me as well as who I am interested in who-what they do and are…

    As a radio host it feels incongruent to not follow listeners, so I realize I take a different approach than many. I also liken it to this….

    You have your immediate family-that’s a circle
    You have your extended family-that’s a circle
    You have your friends-that’s a circle
    You have your neighbors-that’s a circle
    You have your clients=that’s a circle
    You have your potential clients-that’s a circle
    You have your common interests-that’s a circle
    You have the gal at the check out line in your fav store-that’s a circle

    See how big my circle has gotten by observing who is in my life? Now, which circle should I not follow? giggle can you tell I have an inclusive mindset? I invite others to try that approach and see the blessings it brings.

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