Digital Media Marketing Summit discussion

January 24, 2009


I’ve been invited to participate in the upcoming Digital Media Marketing Summit on February 19th. Based upon the topics you see below being discussed by other panelists and what you know about me – what would you like to hear me share information about?

7-7:45am Sundeep Kapur, Online Marketing Strategist, NCR – “One Web, Seven Sub-Channels”

8-8:45am Jim Turner!?

9-9:45am Chris Heuer, Co-Founder, Social Media Club – “Digital Marketing: Then & Now”

10-10:45am Denise Shiffman, CEO, Venture Essentials – “Proven Ways to Create Engaging Online Customer Experiences”

12-12:45pm Rodney Rumford , CEO, Gravitational Media – “Twitter as a Marketing, Communication & Branding Tool”

2-2:45pm Dean Westervelt, Social Media Analytics, Collective Intellect – “Digital Media Analytics and Trends”

Please post your comments below! Thank you in advance!

Best to you!



Are You Insulting Your Tweeple?

January 4, 2009

Have you ever gotten one of those instant DM responses from someone that you asked to connect with on Twitter? Aren’t you amazed at how so many people are up at 3:00 a.m. in the morning waiting to respond to your request?

Well, actually they aren’t. They’re using one of the autoresponder services, such as Tweetlater, that are alerted each time they get a friend request. The autoresponder then sends you a DM containing a message written by the subscriber.

How do you feel about those auto-DMs? You might even use them yourself?

Are the too impersonal?Especially the ones asking you to click on a link and visit their blog. Or they might say something like: “click on this link for a special gift that I have for new Twitterbuds.”

I posed this question to my Twitterbuds recently and the response was overwhelmingly against auto-DMs. But a small few said that if used properly, they didn’t mind getting them.

What are your thoughts? How should they be used?

Please leave your comments along with your Twitter link.

Thanks…. Jim