Two Great Places to Find New Twitter Buds – Pt. 1

December 7, 2008

Whether you’re new to Twitter or you’ve been using Twitter for a long time… there’s always one standing question – “Where do I find more people to connect with who are interested in what I’m interested in?”

I have the same question myself, even though I have over 3,900 4,000 followers. Recently, I came across two sites that have lead me to at least a couple hundred new followers within the last two weeks.

Hot Spot #1 –
Here’s how MrTweet works. First you go and sign up and they tell you they’ll get back to you shortly with recommendations on whom to follow and who’s most likely to follow you back. Sure enough in a couple of days I received an email with a link to a page with two links:

Link #1 – directs you to tweeple that are outside you current network and are good prospects to connect with. My link directed me to 200 potential connections.

You get a ton of info about each person that helps you decide if it’s even worth connecting with the person, including: who in your network are following that person, their bio, # of followers/following, # of tweets/day and where they’re located.

Link #2 – directs you to a list of tweeple who are following you, but you’re not following them. In my opinion you should always follow folks who follow you – otherwise, how can you strike up a dialog with them. And if you’re not interested in having a conversation, then why are you on Twitter? I’ll talk more about this in a future post.

This is one of the best resources I’ve come across for finding new tweeple. They do a lot of the hard work for you.

Go check it out.

Best to you – Jim