Social Networking Strategic Move

As you’re well aware, I’m a BIG fan of Facebook. I’ve built strong brand recognition and have established a loyal following of friends on FB. Over the last few weeks and days I’ve come to recognize some limitations in Facebooks platform.

I’ve found it to be great place to meet like-minded people, but have found it to be somewhat limited in it’s ability to allow one to build a highly interactive community. I love building communities and allowing people to get together and share ideas and solutions with each other.

Recently, several of my friends have either lost their accounts or gotten ‘scary’ warnings messages for being too active and appearing to be spammers… myself included.

So rather than risk going through the hassle of begging for mercy from Facebook I decided to setup my own social network… one that allows folks the freedom to interact and post quality messages and content w/out the fear of losing their account.

You can find my network at:

I’m inviting all of my contacts to at least visit and check out the site and if you feel that you can either add value or receive value from being a member; by all means, please join. I’d love to see each of you there.

Thank you for being a great friend and networker.



One Response to Social Networking Strategic Move

  1. sato says:

    Hello. Thank you very much for visiting to my MyBlogLog’s page.

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