Follow-up to: Using Social Networking for a Worthy Cause

A huge thank you goes out to all of you that have reached out to Monikah and Sarah by responding to my blog post from a few days ago. Many of you have left very kind and encouraging words that have been a real boost them.

Through the process of concerned and interested folks contacting Monikah and me, about how else can they participate if they don’t have $97 to purchase the “fire sale” package. Many wanted to know if they could possibly donate a smaller amount of money. And if so, how could they make a donation.

One person in particular, Reggie Baker, sent me this message:

“I have just talked to paypal and they are sending me an email with instructions on how to set up a donation button to Monikah. There are probably many that won’t or can’t buy Monikah’s course for $97.00 — altho it is a SERIOUS value. When i sort how to set the button up I will be in touch about how to advertise it.” Reggie Baker (inthistogether)

This helped to explain why after several hundred unique visitors had come to the page, less than 10 sales had been made so far. Those sales are very much appreciated.

During my conversation with Monikah on Thursday she was really struggling with accepting straight donations. She was very concerned about accepting help from others without them receiving something back in return.

That is a real and valid concern. I can appreciate her not wanting to develop a reputation as a ‘taker.’

But I explained to her that it is a myth that you can give without getting something back. When a person gives to someone in need there is a big gain on the part of the giver, even if there is no equal physical exchange transacted.

When decent people help others who are in need, they are supercharged with energy generated by the power of making a difference.

I can remember my years of living in the Midwest and terrible floods would hit certain areas, threatening people’s lives. Folks from all over would come to help secure those people’s homes and property while getting nothing back in return.

In fact, they would risk their own lives to help others. But at the same time, inside they felt like a million dollars – because they made a difference.

So, after sharing that story with Monikah she agreed that if there are people who want to help the cause by making donation, she would make that opportunity available.

So, she now has a way for anyone who wants to participate, to do so as there means allows them. Here’s how:

Thank each of you for participating and caring.

Social Networking ROCKS!



4 Responses to Follow-up to: Using Social Networking for a Worthy Cause

  1. inthistogether says:

    The pain we share we cut by half,
    The hoy we sharewe double.

  2. inthistogether says:

    lol typo—– JOY we share

  3. zoeyjordan says:

    Hi Jim!
    Any follow up on this amazing family?

  4. Jim Turner says:

    Monikah will be giving me an update any day and I will post to the group. Thanks for asking.

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