A Couple of Facebook Myths

Occasionally some of my good LinkedIn friends will speak about how Facebook is too informal for them, PLUS it’s full of pimply-faced teeny boppers.

Many of them say they will never set up a Facebook account because it’s just not “professional” enough for their taste.

Of course, I make it a point to help them understand that a lot of what they’re thinking are nothing more than myths and non-factual beliefs they have regarding Facebook.

I’m not much of a off-the-cuff debater. I like to dig up the facts and use them for persuasive purposes. So, I went on a fact-finding mission for info that could help support my argument. It turns out I really didn’t have to go very far to find my answers.

It turns out that when you have a Facebook Fan Page, you’re provided with a few demographic insight regarding your Fan Page membership. With this info in mind, I went to check stats at my Social Media Marketing Network Fan Page.

Here’s what I found;

Total Members – 1,520

Gender: Males – 60% (912); Female – 40% (608)

Age Range




13 – 17




18 – 24

2% (30)

4% (61)

6% (91)

25 – 34

9% (137)

14% (213)

23% (350)

35 – 44

14% (213)

20% (304)

34% (517)


16% (243)

22% (334)

37% (577)


Well, well, well… the proofs in the pudding, as they say. I’m not sure what the overall demographics of Facebook looks like. But I can affirmatively say that the members on my Fan Page don’t fit some of the common myths around Facebook.

Here’s my most surprising discovery: The largest segment of my Fan Page membership is age 45+ at 37%. And the next biggest group, age 35 – 44, comprises 34% of my group.

Supposedly, a huge portion of Facebook members is in the 18 – 24 age bracket. I wonder why I don’t have only 91 from that group. Maybe they’re like my 19yo daughter and just don’t want to be connected to the “older crowd.” LOL  But that’s OK. J

Now, the other surprising discovery is that there are far more men (912) in the group than there are women (608). I thought women were more ‘social-natured’ than us men. Where are the women???

What’s the deal – is it my cologne or what? Most likely not. It could be because there simply are more men doing business online than women.

What are your thoughts on why the data is what it is regarding my Social Media Marketing Network Fan Page  – (1) teeny boppers are vast minority and (2) males significantly outnumber females.




4 Responses to A Couple of Facebook Myths

  1. I wish we could put this silly argument to rest.

    Social networking should be about using the media where your colleagues and customers are. ANyone who thinks that they will figure out which is the “right” on is missing the point… you should be on any that will allow you to do more, meet more people, and accomplish your goals

    Ans for those LinkedIn only folks.. GET A CLUE. LinkedIN is a great online rolodex and good for recruiter and job finding, but NOT a social network. Once you’ve used real social media, Linked pales by comparison.

    Of course you should have a Linkedin Profile. No doubt about it. But it’s hardly the end all be all some say.

    Lastly, “too informal”.. have you been on a plane recently? The whole culture is more informal. “Too many kids”.. is also a lame excuse. Your kids use the phone, does that stop you from doing business on the phone?

    Jim is right. Listen to him and get social.

  2. Hi Jim

    Your small Facebook-Survey is really interesting!

    I made the same experience! “Business-People” +30 think Facebook is an unprofessional Social Network and they would never open an account in this Platform. They prefer to stay an LinkedIn, Xing, whatever,…

    Indeed compared to other “professional” Website Facebook just makes more fun! And I think, thats the reason why you also have elderly people, those are the one who like to play 😉

    And despite that…think about the huge amount of information Facebook has over the user!!! It’s the marketers dream! 🙂

    Kind regards from Spain
    – Jasmina Duric


  3. heathergardner says:

    Great stats Jim! I hadn’t realized that having a fan page also offered such great information on the participants.

    By the way, you ROCK at social media. Just in case I neglected to tell you earlier.


  4. Laura says:

    I think you have more men in your group because you are a man. Women are more hesitant to make connections with men online when they do not know the person. Men are also more likely to feel comfortable contacting a man they do not know than a woman, especially when she is frankly unattractive, for fear the gesture will be misinterpreted! FaceBook doesn’t really give you a way to learn about a person before you initiate that connection, not even to see the person’s motive in using FaceBook.

    I have more women in my FaceBook network, my husband has more men. Even at Chamber events offline, you see people more willing to approach based on their gender.

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