Need More Twitter Friends?

Twitter is becoming more and more popular as a social networking tool. It continues to explode onto the scene, although it has been around for over a year now. No one really knows how many tweeters there are – currently estimated to be in the millions.

Even with all the negative press that Twitter gets due to it well-publicized outages, new users continue to pour in. The problem that many of these newcomers face, and maybe even you, is where do find other tweeters to follow.

Just recently, I asked members of my Social Media Marketing Network to follow me on Twitter if they weren’t already. The results were a little surprising – overnight I had 73 new followers.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a list they call upon to follow them. But thanks to some ingenious programmers, the task of finding new twitter friends has just gotten easier.

Thanks to a site I just came across called finding new Twitter friends is easy. Here’s what you do: Just enter your Twitter username [your password isn’t needed] and WhoShouldIFollow will crawl through your existing friend network, see who their friends are, look for connections back to you and suggest a list of people to start following.

Even though I’m currently following over 800 tweeters, the system did find several new connections for me.

So, if you’ve just jumped onto the Twitter bandwagon and want to expand your friends and meet some new people – first make sure we’re connected, and secondly, give WhoShouldIFollow a try.

If you know of any other ways to find new Twitter Friends, please comment below.


Jim Turner


2 Responses to Need More Twitter Friends?

  1. Karen Swim says:

    Hi Jim, the discussion on Plaxo was insightful and I’m glad you have shared it here for your readers. That discussion mirrors so many others I have had this year around social media. There are the adopters, the fence sitters and the anti-Twits. In every discussion the groups do not change. only the names and faces. However, I value these open discussions and always learn something new. I believe there is value and the early adopters should not write off others but listen to what prevents them from joining in. We can then continue to perfect the tools and the messaging to embrace a wider audience. Great discussion here Jim, as always.

  2. Jim Turner says:


    Thanks for your comment. I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of the time the fence sitters and naysayers are looking for someone to convince them they should get off the pot. They’re also full of assumptions.


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