Relocate Social Networking Group to a Facebook Page

The move from the FB Group to a Fan Page is in full-swing. As I'm writing 189 members have made the move. The mailing went out to the list of members on the Social Media Marketing Mastermind Group. I offered premiums provided by product marketers from within the group to help motivated the members to act.

I will make another mass mailing to the SMM group on Saturday morning and late Sunday night. From my experience Saturday morning is a good time to send messages. I'm not sure why that is, because I'm usually sleeping in at that time.

It will be interesting to see how many members move over by Monday night. By then they will have seen a total of 3 requests to relocate. I'm hoping that at least 500 make the move… sort of aggressive – but we will see.

I will shutdown the existing group because to leave it open would be like vacating a house. Even though I haven't promoted the old site in 10 days, it continues to grow virally without me intervening. The only question is when will i close the doors on it.


Jim Turner


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