Why I Play Around with “Silly” Facebook Apps

There’s not a day that goes by when I don’t hear someone complain about some of the “silly” Facebook apps. Some experts believe that these apps are going to be the death of Facebook.

I tend to disagree with that type of thinking. And here’s why.

I see many of these apps as being similar to water cooler talk at the office or gossip in the office cafe. If these things were banned work would be very dull and uninteresting to a lot of folks. That’s kind of the way I see a lot of the “silly” apps on Facebook.

For a while, I thought they were nothing short of ‘time wasters,’ and wouldn’t dare get involved in them. Then one day I had an Ah Ha… and began to recognize the social phenomena that was taking place as people ‘poked’ each other, or ‘knighted’ you, or ‘sold/bought’ you, or any number of other possibilities.

I concluded that these “silly” apps were just another way to communicate or get in touch with people that you can’t see or talk to.

There are several that I take part in, while paying close attention to how much time I invest in them. My favorites are (Lil) Green Patch, Be a Billionaire, Super Poke, Send Good Karma and Bless You.

I typically get involved in these when my brain is toast at the end of the day and I’m too exhausted to think. Total time spent is at most 20 mins. But I believe it’s time well spent because I’m reaching out to people.

I’m actually competing with a few friends in Be a Billionaire app – getting close to being a billionaire($847 million net worth). In the Lil Green Patch, I’ve save 52 square feet of rainforest.

So, go ahead… lighten up a little. Let a friend poke you once in a while. LOL



4 Responses to Why I Play Around with “Silly” Facebook Apps

  1. virtualnexus says:

    Tapping into the relaxed more creative/emotional side of the brain can’t be a bad thing in moderation, though tend to hear a lot of comments from folk who find it hard to keep things like this within limits once they start.

  2. I think you are right. There can be good from any sort of interaction.

    I think of social networking being the water cooler, with the apps being more like the softball league or Friday party of business interaction.

    At least that’s at their best.

    However, when I’m networking, I don’t want to talk to someone that is using their “20 mins of burnout” time, and I would think twice about a connection where that was the only place I saw someone.

    I especially like that you found the positive in those annoying apps. Now, let’s find a positive approach to dealing with all the people complaining about them.. that’s the real drain on my time

  3. I have to admit that at first, I thought that these requests started to become overwhelming and, to a point, rediculous:) But, I can totally see what you mean in taking part in them.

    virtualnexus makes a good point, in that, it can tap into the more relaxed side of the brain…..you know, the right side that most people forget about:)

  4. Why I Play Around with “Silly” Facebook Apps…

    on social network sites aren’t new, although far-reaching monetization attempts have met resistance. Marketers follow the eyeballs, and when more and more people spend more and more Web time on these […]…

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