Micro-blogging on Steroids

A week ago I blogged about how important it was to promote your business or cause through Facebook or LinkedIn  Status line. It’s a powerful, but non-intrusive way to get your message out.

The problem has been, if you have multiple social media sites, as most of us do, it’s a chore to update them on a daily basis. So, if there was a tool through which you could update all of your different sites in one fell swoop, that would be heavenly.

Well, wait no longer, Ping.FM is on the scene to do just that. As I’m writing this post it’s still in the beta stage, but if you plead your case strongly enough they just might let you try the service. [UPDATE: try this code for today, 4/20… “pingfriends”]

Right now you can update your Status on the follow social networking sites through Ping.FM:

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku, Bebo, LiveJournal and Hi5. They’re continually adding sites, so look for that list to continue growing.

Imagine the power this will give you to propagate your message throughout your social networking world. You will be able to update your networks from anywhere using AIM, GTalk, iGoogle, WAP, iPhone, SMS and emai.

To learn more about this service rush on over to http://ping.fm/blog/

Until next time.

Jim Turner


8 Responses to Micro-blogging on Steroids

  1. Levy says:

    Jim – Hi, There are couple of other ways to let people know what you’ve just produced or what others to know about. The Ping.fm you mention sounds very much like http://hellotxt.com which has been around for awhile. In there case they are open to all comers. If you want to learn more about other tools – I produce a blog focusing on social networking tools exclusively – well maybe not exclusively, but most of the time. Every now and then I drop something in about Obama or Happiness just to spice things up a little.

    Stop by.

  2. NicheProf says:

    I’ve found that Plaxo Pulse and Message Box both accomplish the task for a wide variety of tasks and pop into the index quickly.

    Dr. Ron the NicheProf

  3. Thank you Jim,

    Here is the beta code for today: “pingfriends”

    I don’t know how long it will be good for… Just sharing.

    – Adam DesAutels

  4. Andrey Golub says:

    Nice post Jim and it’s for sure a useful service, the PING.FM!

    one question though- how to obtain a beta code to sign-up? 🙂

    P.S. have just sent this queston to ping.fm founders!

    regards, Andrey Golub

  5. This just keeps getting better and better! The more you use these sites and refine your efforts vs results, the more fun it becomes and the more your network expands.

    Thank for the heads-up on this tool, Jim!

  6. Thanks, Jim.

    Perhaps in your Social Media Marketing group on Facebook we’ll get a comparison going of Ping.FM, hellotxt, Plaxo/Pulse and Message Box. I just started using Plaxo/Pulse and have not had an opportunity to open some of these other accounts, but others might have the experience we need in each arena – especially COMPARATIVE experience!

  7. Am I reading right that Plaxo/Pulse can autopost to Facebook? I certainly haven’t noticed that with my own posts–how do you set it up?

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