Multiply Your Marketing Efforts 10 Times… Using Social Media Sites!

Just a few days ago I started a group on Facebook and some surprising things happened – they actually shouldn’t have been a surprise. But during the process of creating this group it became clear to me just how viral Facebook is… viral in the sense of being self-perpetuating.

Here’s what happened – I started creating the group with the idea of first developing a ‘beta’ version of the group, meaning that I would build the group on the run over a period of a few days. I went through the process of setting the group up and in some cases I actually put dummy info in some places.

Once I had completed the ‘beta’ version, I sent invitations to about 4 or 5 real close friends just to confirm that things were working properly, before finishing up the final details of the page.

To my surprise in a matter of 24 hours, over 20 members had joined the group. I was puzzled. How could that be? I only sent invitations to 5 friends. When I looked at the list of new members I saw some that weren’t even in my Facebook network… they were friends of my friends.

That’s when the light went ON.

When my first group of friends joined the group, their activity showed up in their Mini-Feed and their News Feed as well. The News Feed shows up on the friends’ home page. When their friends saw that they had joined my Social Media Marketing group, they decided they would join also.

By the time I had completed the final version of the group and began to promote it, there were 50 members in the group. That means my group had increased 10 times its original size in about 72 hours. Amazing.

That’s the power of viral marketing! That’s the power of marketing through social media website like Facebook.

The learning is that you need to take action on Facebook and other similar sites, so you can multiply the impact of your marketing efforts – in this case by a factor of 10. In case you’re interested in being a part of this fast growing group, you can look it over here:

See you soon!

Jim Turner


3 Responses to Multiply Your Marketing Efforts 10 Times… Using Social Media Sites!

  1. ysdata says:

    This may be of interest to the group. Every Wednesday at 2 pm (EST) I host an Internet Marketing Show called Yin Yang TV on ustream You can also view previous shows at

    The show covers Internet Marketing, New Web App, Innovative Ideas, Tips to Increase Your Traffic and much more. I hope members of the group and join me and share their tips.

  2. Jim: Thanks for a nice entre to the blogosphere. This looks like a new blog worth watching. Imagine, a fresh new blog that caters to a growing social network appetite! Good luck and happy blogging!

  3. This is great! I also have a group on Facebook and it’s amazing what can happen in a matter of a few hours from first launching it. great post:)

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