Market Your Business… With Zero Effort and Zero Time!

One of the most highly visible and frequently read areas of Facebook and many other social media websites is the “Status” line. If you’re on Facebook promoting a business or services, that is a prime location to “advertise.”

It’s analogous to getting first dibs on a high traffic billboard in the off-line world. Why do I say that? Let me explain.

On Facebook (or LinkedIn), when you update your Status line, a notification is posted in the Mini-Feed of your profile page – the page where visitors land when they come to your site.

But it doesn’t stop there, it also goes out to the News Feed of everyone in your Friend network (and possibly your network of Friend’s Friends – if it’s set up properly).


That’s one of the reasons you want to build as large a network of Friends as you possibly can AND become Friends with others who have a large network of friends. The way Facebook is setup, your Friend’s Friends become an extension of your personal network. The KEY is you want to become friends with people whom you share a mutual interest with or who are potential clients of yours. I’ve heard the argument of only being friends with people you already know. If you’re looking to grow your business that’s pure, unadulterated nonsense. Well, don’t get me going on that subject… wasn’t the intent of this post. I’ll save that rant for later.


Ok, let’s get back to my original intent here – a simple way to market yourself by spending virtually zero energy and time. In my last post I spoke of making sure that you do some form of marketing everyday to promote your business. Well, this is one of those no-brainer ways to market yourself without getting in people’s face.

One of the first things you should do each day when you log on is change/edit your Status line. But don’t just change it for the sake of change. Give it some thought. Come up with something that speaks to how you can help the reader. In fact, you should pretend that you’re talking to a prospect and you want to let them know how you can help them in one short phrase or sentence.

Here are some that I’ve used before – they all sort of reflect what I do and how I can help a prospect:

Jim is… busy writing copy for one of his top clients.

Jim is… researching for interesting material to put in a promo for a financial newsletter.

Jim is… taking a break this weekend after finalizing a major promo for a business opportunity marketer.

Jim is… preparing an agreement to provide copywriting and consulting services to a lifecoach.

Jim is… helping his clients make more money.

You get my drift. But really, can’t you tell a lot about what I do and how I might be able to help you, just by reading my little 5-second blurbs. I’ve gotten emails/messages through Facebook from potential clients on several occasions… and have even landed work from it.

I can recall on one occasion, I got a message from a Friend wanting to know if I could help her make money. It caught me off-guard and I was wondering why is this person asking me if would help them make money. Then it occurred to me that I’d put that in my status update and it came through her News Feed.

So bottom line: Use the Status line to let people know what you want them to know about you. If you want them to know that you’re at McDonald’s having a Big Mac, that’s fine too. But how about, you’re “having a Big Mac after finishing a 2-page sales letter for your best client.”


Jim Turner

Copywriter & Marketing Strategist


8 Responses to Market Your Business… With Zero Effort and Zero Time!

  1. Yes – refreshing your status line is really important. Once I started updating my Facebook status line with interesting business-related activities, I got a client without even asking for one – they found me!

  2. Mari Smith says:

    Right on, Jim!!! I was just writing about this very piece today in my Facebook for Professionals book. I’m including a link to your post – I couldn’t have said this better myself. ha!! 🙂 Two thumbs up, my friend.

  3. Nadine T. says:

    Thanks Jim, that’s a pretty straightforward and simple thing to do. My status line is updated from twitter, too.

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  5. I just submitted, should I say begged for, my request for the beta version. Thanks for the tip.

    John McLaughlin, Stock Day Trader – Consultant / Coach

  6. Jim,

    You are always on top of all this info! You Rock!!


  7. I’m a fairly recent adapter of the status tool–but I find being judicious is better than “flooding the market.” There are some people who update their status multiple times a day-and I usually tune them out. If I see a message from someone I don’t see as much, I’m more likely to glance at it, and sometimes click to their profile.

    Shel Horowitz, author of five marketing books including
    Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World

  8. BGreen says:

    Thanks, Jim for this informative and potentially profitable advice. As someone trying to transition from one primary business to another, gives me lots of opportunity to keep up with communication in spurts, or twitts ;~)

    Thanks again!

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