What have you done lately to get more sales?

It’s puzzling to me when I come across home based solopreneurs who are stomped at the fact that their sales aren’t increasing. And when I ask them what did you do last week to generate more sales, they look at me with this puzzled expression on their face and say “Nothing!”

Aha… no wonder sales aren’t increasing!You should do something everyday that promotes your business, whether you’re big or small. Anheuser Busch, Coors, McDonalds or any of the Big Boys wouldn’t dare go a day without taking some kind of action to sell more stuff.

You see, sales come from taking action. They don’t have to big things. Action can come in any of the following forms: sending out sales letters, making phone calls, posting to forums, answering questions on forums, sending text or twitter messages, networking on the many social media sites currently available. (I’ll be talking more about marketing through social media sites in the future.)

So, my key take-away is you have to take action daily, by some means, to get your phone ringing or have inquiries arriving in your inbox.

The points that I’ll be making in this blog will be centered around how to utilize ‘direct response’ marketing and copywriting techniques to take action and get more sales quicker. So stay tuned.


3 Responses to What have you done lately to get more sales?

  1. Nadine T. says:

    I am certainly expecting some good stuff from you Jim. After 4 months’ busy networking mostly online, I am beginning to see a few good things coming my way. Feels great!

  2. Kelley P says:

    You are really addressing the crux of the issue here – water will wear down even a mountain if its action is consistent. We have to build momentum by constant, productive actions – even if they are small, they are cumlative.

    Bob Bly recently had an essay published in ETR ( I think) or maybe the Golden Thread (?) in which he states at some point you have to stop learning and dreaming and start doing. I think he gave a formula of 20% learning, 20% observing, and 60% doing – something along those lines.

    We all benefit from good sound suggestions such as yours and Bob Bly’s.

    Kelley P

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